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If you are one of those people who is always just about to start exercising but without anything happening, then it’s time to try something else than the usual “I´ll start on Monday or after the holidays” promise. 

1) Make plans with a friend. The best way to start is by having someone with you. You can betray yourself again and again, but it is not as easy to betray a good friend. This almost always works, and the social element will turn out to be a good bonus. Just the thought that there is someone waiting for you and vice versa is often inspiring enough to break old habits.

2) In Health Coaching it is important to have a time and date nailed down. Claiming that you will start next month is not enough. Define an exact timing. If you have some particular friend in mind, make plans according to your schedules. When will you start? What day and what time? The more specific the goal, the more likely it is to be achieved.

3) Make timely preparations, plan ahead! Not 10 minutes before the planned time, trying to find your old sports pants and discover that there is a hole on them or that they do not fit anymore. Having clothes, shoes and beverage bottles ready for the day reduces the chances that you have an excuse for not going.

4) Music! Did you read my nostalgia article? If not, you should!

Take your time to find some old songs that have some significance to you from the past. Create interesting playlists that you look forward to listening to. Either you can listen to music while exercising or start listening to the songs before going out to boost up your motivation!

5) Set modest and realistic goals. Going to the gym five times a week while eating eggs for breakfast and carrots for dinner is not realistic (yes I have friends that have done that). Diet is not a long-term solution. Instead, a healthy & realistic lifestyle is.

A harsh start, when you haven’t exercised for a long time can have a destructive effect on the body instead of building it up.

If you thought about eating healthier but nothing happens, exercising is the quickest way to promote change. It comes almost instinctively.

Nobody wants to suffer in the gym for 30-60 minutes and then throw all the hard work out the window for a donut.

Remember that when you start exercising it is normal to get tired in the beginning as the body is adjusting to your new habits. Therefore, is it important to get a good rest.

Good luck! 

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