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As a psychologist and coach, I have had the opportunity to work with clients who grapple with anxiety stemming from procrastination. Many of these individuals are not even aware of the root cause of their anxiety, which is the relentless cycle of procrastination.

When you start procrastinating on one task and then another, what typically occurs is that other responsibilities in your life start clamoring for your attention in the meantime. If you let procrastination persist, these tasks begin to pile up, and before you realize it, anxiety starts to seep in.

It doesn't matter how well-organized your life may be; there's always something with a deadline looming.

If you've reached a point where the mounting pile of tasks feels so overwhelming that you can't even bring yourself to discuss it openly, it's time to seek help. Don't entertain the thought of procrastinating. I am confident that any psychologist or coach can provide valuable assistance in this regard.

Personally, I would recommend seeking a coach with a psychological background, as anxiety is fundamentally a psychological condition.

If you're moderately anxious about your procrastination and believe you can tackle it independently, take a moment to grab a piece of paper and a pen. Yes, let's go back to the basics! This might be challenging, but start by jotting down the tasks that genuinely require your attention. If the list seems extensive, begin by identifying the top five tasks that you've been procrastinating.

Putting your tasks in writing can alleviate some of your anxiety. It's a way of transferring your thoughts onto paper and gaining a clearer perspective. Racing thoughts fueled by anxiety do not provide you with a productive overview. When tasks pile up and induce prolonged stress, they can adversely impact your memory, and memory problems are a known symptom of chronic stress.

Once you have your to-do list, take a moment to estimate the time required for each task. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that many of these projects aren't as time-consuming as they may seem. Just think about all the time spent scrolling through social media!

With your list in hand, start with the easiest task on the list. Beginning with the "easiest" task helps build your confidence, and with practice, this can evolve into a habit. Eventually, you'll find yourself tackling even the most challenging projects. There's a profound sense of satisfaction in crossing items off that list, I can assure you!

The great news is that procrastination, anxiety, and memory problems are all challenges that can be addressed. It all begins with a conscious decision to start NOW, not later.

During my maternity leave, I managed to secure a job, establish my own company as a psychologist and coach in Copenhagen, write a book, contribute as a co-author to a psychology book, and pen articles for specialists, among countless other accomplishments! What kept me on track? Yes, you guessed it—the list!

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