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In general

Mindtherapy cares about the privacy of individuals and takes privacy seriously. Mindtherapy emphasizes that the processing of personal information is always in accordance with current privacy legislation. This privacy statement sets out what personal information Mindtherapy collects about individuals and for what purpose. Then you can find information about other recipients of the information and how long personal information is stored. In addition, information can be found here on what basis Mindtherapy collects personal information, what rights individuals have and other important information related to the Act on Personal Data Protection and Processing no. 90/2018.

What is personal information and the processing of personal information?

Personal information refers to all information that can be traced to a specific individual, such as information about name, ID number, address, email address, phone number, finances, health, IP address and more. In items 2 and 3. Paragraph 1 Article 3 The Personal Data Protection Act contains a more detailed definition of personal information.

Sensitive personal information refers to personal information that enjoys special protection under the Privacy Act, e.g. information on ethnic origin or race, political and religious beliefs, trade union membership, genetics, health, sex or sexual orientation.

The processing of personal information refers to all processing and use of personal information such as collection, registration, storage, modification or deletion. In item 4. Paragraph 1 Article 3 The Data Protection Act contains a more detailed definition of the processing of personal information

How does Mindtherapy process personal information?

At Mindtherapy, the processing of personal information takes place on a lawful basis and in accordance with the Privacy Act. Mindtherapy also makes sure that personal information is not further processed in such a way that the processing is incompatible with the original purpose of the processing.

Mindtherapy adheres to the following principles:

1. That personal information is processed in a fair manner.

2. That personal information is only collected for clear purposes.

3. That no more personal information is collected than is necessary.

4. That personal information is accurate and updated when necessary.

5. That personal information is not stored longer than necessary.

6. Ensure the security of personal information through appropriate precautions.

Automatic decision making

Automatic decision making is the process of making an automatic decision without any human intervention. Such decisions can be based on personal profiles, e.g. when personal information is used to assess certain factors concerning an individual’s well-being, in particular to analyze or predict factors relating to his or her performance at work, financial situation, health, etc. An example of automatic decision making would be if the decision to lend through a website was based solely on a credit rating.

Mindtherapy does not automatically make decisions when processing personal information.

Who does Mindtherapy collect personal information about?

In order to function properly and perform their duties, Mindtherapy must collect and process personal information about individuals. The personal information that Mindtherapy holds may be about clients, guardians and other third parties with whom it is necessary to communicate.

What personal information does Mindtherapy collect?

In any case, Mindtherapy seeks to collect only the personal information that is necessary for the purpose of the processing.

Mindtherapy collects basic information about its clients, such as name, ID number and address. Mindtherapy also needs to collect sensitive personal information and other information that is considered sensitive about its clients. Examples include information on well-being and health. Mindtherapy also needs to keep the necessary information about the parents and guardians of their underage clients, for example information about their name, e-mail address, telephone number and what connection they have with the person in question.

Purpose of collecting personal information

The purpose of collecting the information is mainly to provide the person with a specific treatment or service.

Legal basis for the processing of personal information

Mindtherapy collects and processes personal information on the following legal basis:

– To fulfil its contractual obligations towards clients.

– Consent of individuals.

How long does Mindtherapy store personal information?

Mindtherapy stores personal information until it is no longer needed.

From whom does Mindtherapy collect personal information?

Mindtherapy collects personal information from its clients and in some cases from the parents / guardians of its clients. When obtaining information from a third party, Mindtherapy will do its utmost to inform the individual concerned.

When does Mindtherapy share personal information with third parties and why?

Mindtherapy discloses personal information to third parties hired for pre-determined work, such as service providers who maintain electronic information systems. In those cases, a production agreement is made with the party in question. Such an agreement stipulates, among other things, his obligation to comply with Mindtherapy’s instructions on the processing of personal data and he is not permitted to use them for other purposes. He is also obliged to ensure the security of the information in an appropriate manner.

Transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area

Mindtherapy is aware that strict conditions apply to the transfer of personal data to countries located outside the European Economic Area. Mindtherapy does not do so under any circumstances unless there is sufficient authority to do so in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection and the Processing of Personal Data no. 90/2018.

Information security

Mindtherapy seeks to take appropriate technical and regulatory security measures to ensure the security of personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection and Processing Act no. 90/2018.

The rights of individuals

If individuals have given consent for the processing of certain personal data, they are entitled according to the Act on Personal Data Protection and Processing of Personal Data no. 90/2018 to withdraw their consent at any time. However, this right does not affect the legality of the processing that took place before the approval was revoked. They also enjoy other rights, such as the right to be informed of processing, the right to access data, the right to have incorrect or misleading information corrected, the right to have personal data deleted, the right to prevent the processing of personal data. then and the right to transfer your own information. It should be borne in mind that the rights of individuals are not always unambiguous and may be subject to various conditions.

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Privacy Officer

If individuals have further questions about this Privacy Statement, they can always contact the Agency’s Privacy Officer. Here is his contact information:

Name: Andrea Valgeirsdóttir, lawyer.

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: + 354 588-1177