• Individual therapy

    1 session (50 min).  / 133 USD

  • Couple Therapy

    70 min / 187 USD

  • Coaching/ Business Coaching /Health Coaching

     50 min / 133 USD

  • Students / Individuals who are Unemployed (Please show documentation)

    1 session / 99 USD

  • Online Thearpy via. Kara Connect (Secured Virtual Therapy)

    50 min/133 USD

  • Health Coaching combined with Therapy

    1 Month Program incl.4 sessions: 450 USD – you save 80 USD

    Payments can be divided into 2 parts

Affordable Price for my therapy and coaching clients.

Payment can be in form of bank transfer, cash or Mobil-Pay.

Missed appointment & Cancellation policy
If you are unable to keep the scheduled appointment, please give a 24 hour advance for cancellation. Payment for the appointment will be made if cancellation is made with less than 24 hours of notice.

Health Insurance:
You may be covered by one or more health insurance policies, private or through your workplace. Some trade unions cover wholly or partly psychological treatment of work-related crises.