Nostalgia and it´s positive impact

I went to a very interesting lecture at Aalborg Universtity. Constantine, a professor of social and personality psychology, came to discuss the effects that nostalgia can have on individuals. I want to share this positive experience of mine with you (briefly.

We have all heard about nostalgia but we generally know less about its effects on us. A classic example of nostalgia can be a specific odor or hearing a song in the radio

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Coffee and its healt benefits

I’m one of those people who swings back and forth regarding coffee consumption. My intuition says that coffee is good. However, I do find it hard to know where the boundaries lie health wise, 2 cups of day or 7 cups? Too much consumption of coffee can inhibit the absorption of certain vitamins like C for example plus it stimulates the kidneys which means more trips to the bathroom that release a lot of water from the body and etc.

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