Guy is having an inner conflict

Identity crisis towards your chosen profession

Throughout my career as a psychologist, I have several times heard about individuals regretting their choice of profession. This is really thought-provoking and worrying, especially since those individuals have spent time and money in education and training and perhaps spent years working with their chosen profession. But for what? To throw it all out? Delete? Start over?

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Procrastination, the fuel for anxiety

I must admit that I thought honestly that I was this “do everything right away” person. Never a pile of dirty dishes, the laundry is ironed on Sundays (my mom has an education in being a “housewife”, no joke), school projects are always delivered on deadlines and so on. However, after studying health coaching I found out that I’m a genius at procrastinating these little things because my mind is always on the big things. I am more of a “big picture” kind of girl. But the small pieces lay the foundation for the big picture.

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Man lying in a couch tired and stressed

Work Stress, Causes & What can we do about it ?

Since work stress has increased significantly, people have wondered about causes? First of all is the separation between work and home declining. Majority of individuals have work-phones that are connected to their e-mail. Many people tend to “check” constantly their inbox and before they know checking the e-mails becomes a habit or even an addiction. For those who come home to a spouse or children after a long day, can be easily distracted if the mind is dwelling at the last e-mail. Plus with work phones becoming so common it is easy to get a hold of you outside the workplace.

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