Divorce is hard

Divorce is so much more than the word indicates. Divorce is one of the biggest stressors that can arise in the lives of individuals, and the sorrow process is often a side effect as well.

Apart from grieving the spouse, there is also grief about the future & future plans that have been made. Feelings like shame, anger, and regret are very common emotions that can be very unconstructive. Those emotions accompany the sorrow process as well. Anger over being abandoned by their spouse, regret over past events & shame that the spouse has decided to leave.

Marriage is a unit or team that makes plans for the future and is always working towards some common goals, whether it is child upbringing, taking care of the household or planning the next holiday.

Individuals often feel like they have to start all over again. If individuals have to move as well, it adds more strain. If a child or children are also involved it is an inevitable extra stress factor.

Studies have shown that between 30% and 40% of individuals that go through a divorce experience anxiety or depression. Divorce involves so many major uncertainties concerning not only the future but also the present. This often leads to fears that develop into anxiety.

It is so important that family and friends show support. Instead of wondering about why, individuals who are going through a divorce need assistance, & care. It is tempting to go over all the possible reasons why a divorce is taking place, but it may not be the best time for those who are in the middle of the divorce process. Being there for your friends or family has the most value for those who are going through a divorce.

Divorce should be taken very seriously. It causes a great deal of emotional stress that needs to be dealt with, in one way or another. Stress, anxiety, or depression can have serious consequences if ignored.

For those who are going through a divorce, I recommend seeking help, either from relatives, friends or professionals. If you know that your friend or family member is going through a divorce I encourage you to be there for that person.

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