Coaching is for you, who want to obtain a personal goal but haven’t been able to do it on your own.

I can help you with goals like :

– Break Social Isolation

– Finish your bachelor/master thesis

– Find out what you want to work with/or study

-Write a book

– Start a business

To begin with, you need a goal. Either I help you with it or you have it already.

Then we will do a plan together, on how to obtain that goal accompanied by small home assignments.

The assignment is usually about self-monitoring your behavior that has been preventing you to reach your goal.

Mental blockages such as why you have not reached your goal will also be addressed as well as a plan on how to overcome such blockages.

Coaching is perfect to break old habits and get you started on reaching your goal or goals.

Most people say to me that they have given up on goal setting and cannot even seat goals anymore.

That is not true, often you just need a little support to get on track. It is harder on your own, and that’s why I can help.

One session is approx. 50 minutes, a weekly session is recommended in the beginning.

Individuals are often on a good way to reach their goal after 4 sessions and ready to continue on their own.

Psychologist sitting with a coachee

If you haven´t been able to reach your goals due to mental health issues like depression, anxiety or stress, I will address it.

I will provide you with some tools to deal with e.g. anxiety. After that we will start planning how to reach your goals.

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